Nexxt’s 2024 Job Seeker Study Shares What Job Seekers Value Most & How They Plan to Search for Jobs in the Future

Read the full report here: What Employers Can Expect from Job Seekers in 2024

Overview: Over the last few years job seekers have gained and lost the upper hand when it comes to the world of work. With the shift of the job market, candidates searching for jobs over the last five years have experienced several changes when it comes to work, salaries, benefits, and more.

Each year, Nexxt conducts a survey of job seekers to understand how job seekers searched for jobs the previous year and how job seekers plan to search in the coming year. This year’s survey results predict that with so many external shifts that job seekers cannot control—job seekers are shifting their energy to what they can control. 2024 is shaping up as the year of securing a job—even if it is part time—and focusing on having more flexibility—a top priority for job seekers surveyed. Additionally, we expect there will be more active job seekers this year and candidates will be more thoughtful when it comes to changing jobs.

This report also shares:

  • How job seekers plan to search for jobs in 2024
  • What barriers keep job seekers from applying to jobs
  • How job seekers plan to use AI in their job searches and future roles
  • How confident job seekers are going into their job search

Follow the link to read the full report: What Employers Can Expect from Job Seekers in 2024

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