Unveils Cutting-Edge Candidate Search and Recruitment Automation Solutions, a leading HR technology company for reaching candidates at scale, introduces its latest innovation, the Nexxt Talent Sourcing Platform, designed to revolutionize talent acquisition and streamline the sourcing process. With a focus on advanced technology, a vast candidate network, and user-centric design, Nexxt’s goal is to help companies of all sizes source better, all within a platform that encapsulates their staffing needs.

According to Aptitude Research, 75% of companies are not satisfied with their approach to sourcing today. After several months of in-depth conversations with clients and partners of all sizes, and supported by that deflating statistic, Nexxt took the opportunity to undertake the biggest pain points and feedback from these meetings to provide a software solution that enables talent acquisition professionals to use the latest technology to identify the best candidates quickly and confidently. Without ever having to leave the Nexxt platform, clients can also communicate with candidates and execute processes that put these companies on the path to making the best hires. 

“Nexxt’s goal is, and always has been, to help companies make the best hires and these latest developments to our technology are just the beginning of many exciting things that will be happening in the coming months at Nexxt,” said, Rich Milgram, CEO of Nexxt. “We want nothing but to help talent acquisition pros work smarter, not harder, and Nexxt is taking the steps to do just that.”  

Key highlights from Nexxt’s latest developments include:  

  • Nexxt Assistant on the Talent Sourcing Platform: Nexxt introduces its AI enhanced assistant that lives in the Nexxt Talent Sourcing Platform and makes it even easier for clients to engage with talent. Nexxt has more than 26 years of experience helping companies hire the best people and now we have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) to help clients be more efficient when engaging with candidates by producing messaging that captures the right tone, focus, and uniqueness needed to generate better sourcing results. The AI Assistant helps clients compose and send personalized messages to candidates in no time—without ever having to leave the Nexxt platform.
  • Vast and Diverse Candidate Pool: Nexxt’s Candidate Search has been updated to make it even easier to connect active and passive candidates with companies who are looking for specific talent with their desired skillsets and professional background. With a growing talent pool of diverse candidates, Nexxt is a one-stop-shop for sourcing.
  • User-Centric Design: Nexxt prioritizes the user experience by introducing intuitive tools and features within Nexxt’s Talent Sourcing Platform that streamline the recruitment process. From personalized search summaries to interactive widgets and automated processes to help clients save time and effort, Nexxt empowers recruiters to make informed decisions and drive efficiency in their workflow when using the Nexxt platform. 

“We’re so excited for the initial launch of the Nexxt Talent Sourcing Platform and to introduce two of the pillar features in this release. The Nexxt Assistant is like having a virtual sourcing specialist working alongside each recruiter,” said Dwaine Maltais, Chief Strategy Offer at Nexxt. “And Nexxt’s sizable candidate pool provides even more reach for employers to connect to talent. Both of these features will have a positive impact on both the quality and cost of sourcing for companies.”    

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