Audit Your Candidate Experience to Increase Your Retention Rate

Is your company struggling with candidates abandoning the hiring process? An audit of that process is likely necessary, as you might be missing out on great talent. Even if your retention rate is strong, scrutinizing the hiring process from the candidate’s perspective can help identify opportunities for improvement. The frequency of such audits will vary by organization; they can be done annually, quarterly, or as often as your company deems necessary. Here are five ways to effectively audit your hiring experience from a job seeker’s perspective:

  1. To begin your audit, consider where candidates typically find your jobs. Does your company have analytics about where candidates apply? Are they visiting your careers page, finding job postings on online job boards, being contacted directly about the job posting via email or text messages, or using other methods? Identify and examine each starting point for a thorough audit. In particular, a confusing or hard to navigate careers page can be an immediate barrier for job seekers. Ask yourself these questions:
    1. Is your company’s careers page easy to navigate and intuitive to use?
    2. Is it easy to search for the job you’re trying to find?
    3. Are you able to filter job results by location, job type, department, etc.?

  2. Review your job descriptions and job postings to make sure they’re effective and enticing for candidates. Job postings should be optimized to appeal to job seekers and their values, as this will encourage engagement. Include compelling keywords and elements such as sign-on bonuses, competitive pay, career development, great benefits, paid training, relocation assistance, tuition reimbursement, etc.

  3. Fill out a test application. Consider the following elements:
    1. How long does the application take from start to finish, and how many steps are involved? If the application takes more than a few minutes, candidates may become distracted or irritated and abandon the process.
    2. Are you asking for the same information multiple times? This can quickly cause frustration for candidates. Comb through the questions and eliminate any duplicates.
    3. Are there any barriers to entry that could be causing candidates to exit? For example, asking for unexpected personal information such as a Social Security Number during the initial job application may deter candidates.

  4. Schedule and complete a mock interview. To go the extra mile, experience the interview process exactly as a real job seeker would. Pay attention to these aspects:
    1. Is it easy to schedule an interview time, and is it clear if the interview will take place virtually or in-person?
    2. Is the interviewer on time, and are they a strong interviewer?
    3. What kind of questions are asked?
    4. By the end of the interview, do you have a solid understanding of the role, the job duties, and the organization itself?

  5. Analyze communication. Throughout the application process, clear communication should be provided to candidates regarding next steps. Are communications sent in a timely manner? Does the candidate know when they will hear back or what to expect next? A lack of timely communication can cause candidates to feel forgotten and look elsewhere.

Auditing your hiring process can take some time, but it’s a valuable exercise. Making optimizations and improvements can help increase your retention rate, saving valuable time in your recruitment marketing strategies.

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