The Extreme Recruitment Practice That’s Making Jobs More Accessible

When you think about recruitment, what comes to mind?

Candidates probably are thinking about the time spent researching the organization, writing the ideal cover letter that will help them stand out, and making sure their resume is up to date and will make the right impression. Then comes the job interview or in many cases, the several rounds of job interviews.

While employers are anticipating sifting through several applicant’s cover letters and resumes, before conducting the interview(s) to determine they’re a good fit for the company and the role.

But what if it’s time to ditch the cover letter and resume during the hiring process?

When that happens, it is called open hiring. This recruitment tactic has gained a lot of traction in the UK. It works by posting an open position and then offering the job to the first candidate who applies—as long as they have the right to work, and they answer a few qualifying questions. The candidate doesn’t need any relevant experience, just the motivation to be trained to do the job. Open hiring is said to remove a lot of stress on the employer, and it has created opportunities for candidates who don’t thrive in a traditional recruitment process—thus making businesses more inclusive.

This open hiring policy is also a great way for candidates to get experience. We often see job postings for entry level roles where the barrier is previous experience. But how can candidates get experience if it is their first job? Plus, open hiring eliminates the dreaded notion of imposture syndrome. Because no one is pretending to have experience that they do not, there’s simply the expectation that candidates are authentically themselves.

It is true that open hiring isn’t right for all roles, but it certainly is a good fit for entry-level opportunities and could lead to lower costs per hire, lower time to hire, and higher retention rates. So, is it time to ditch the resume in the hiring process?

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