Is Hiring to Fill a Specific Role an Outdated Tactic?

Previously, many job positions would open to fill specific roles with a detailed summary of what the requirements and qualifications for that role would be. However, as times are changing and how the workforce operates is increasingly diversifying due to economic shifts, the old ways of filling roles may be outdated.

Instead of focusing on hiring to fill a specific need, consider other options.

1. Quiet hiring. Quiet hiring typically refers to a recruitment strategy in which a company fills a job opening without publicizing it to the general public. Instead, the company relies on referrals, networking, and targeted outreach to find potential candidates. By approaching the hiring process with this method, you can also, allow current employees the opportunity to take on more responsibilities within their current positions and expand their skill set to learn and grow at work. You could also hire contractors to fulfill certain jobs and have that be your method of quiet hiring. However, by expanding the knowledge that your current employees have of the different projects and positions they can take on, you can train some employees to advance to another position within the company instead of having to outsource and hire for a specific role.  

2. Recruiting. Instead of looking to hire right away, use your team to recruit potential future employees. This is especially important if you don’t need to fill a specific role right away but know that in the future you might. This method requires dedicated research to find top talent that will be the right fit not only for the role, but also for the company. While this method takes longer, it also allows you to build a list of individuals you can connect and develop relations with, which will create a situation in which you’ll have individuals who you know are interested in working for you or your company there when you do decide to fill that position.  

3. Hiring for potential versus experience. A lot of companies have lists of requirements on job postings for both qualifications and experience. Some people might be fresh out of college looking to get their first job within their intended industry and not have the years of experience the job position normally requires. Some individuals might have some experience within the field, but working a slightly different job so their qualifications might not perfectly match. That’s why hiring for potential, people who are interested, show promise, and have transferable skills is worth considering. Sometimes people surprise you in the best ways, and perhaps someone you wouldn’t have initially considered hiring has something new to add to the business other employees haven’t before, if you give them a chance.

These are some options to consider in lieu of hiring to fill a specific role. Seeking individuals for a specific role may be needed at times, and so is not entirely an outdated tactic depending on the needs of the company. However, you can always consider establishing relations with people who may be a fit for your business at some point in time, even if that time is not right now. There are many ways to expand how you hire potential candidates.

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This article was written by Michaela Coll.
Michaela Coll is writer, editor, and consultant. During her free time, Michaela likes to write poetry, blog posts, and creative short stories, some of which you can find on her Linktree. When she’s not writing or reading, you can find her snuggled up with her cats or dogs.

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