How Digital Tools Can Actually Impact the Efficiency of Your Recruiting Workflow Right Now

Nobody was quite prepared to scale down on the fly in March, and our HR and infrastructure teams did a great job quickly reacting when the world went home for a few months. While we are all waiting for us to get back to a {new} normal, we have an opportunity to be thoughtfully preparing to bravely re-enter this ever-changing world. When the switch gets flipped, and all systems are go—will your recruitment tools have a pipeline of candidates waiting for you? How can you make sure your tools are working for you in the background so when the time is here, you’re ready?

  • Talent Communities: Right now, you might not be ready to hire, so there aren’t any jobs to post—and you can’t advertise jobs that don’t exist. But you can invest in talent communities, where job seekers looking to work for your company can express their interest and submit their resumes to you without a job posting in sight. In fact, 75% of job seekers are interested in joining a talent community.
  • Chat Bots: Once the hiring begins, 19 million Americans are going to be looking for work. For companies hiring multiple positions as quickly as possible, having enough recruiters to handle the deluge is only part of the equation. Employing AI chatbots can quickly and effectively ask the automated questions to verify who is qualified for the position, who should be passed on to the next round, and who you will be thanking for applying.
  • Autoschedulers: Once you’ve sorted the cream of the crop to the top of the list, you’re going to need to schedule some time with the applicants—but once you’ve gotten the hiring manager’s availability, and the candidate’s availability, and your availability, inevitably something will come up with somebody, so leave that to stress to an autoscheduler. It will crawl your collective calendars, give the applicant a time block, and you just have to show up!
  • Videoconferencing: While we’re at it—where are we showing up? As long as we’re keeping our social distance, host the meeting via Zoom, or Google Meet (formally known as Google Hangouts), and make sure if you didn’t put on real pants today you don’t stand up during the interview. We all want to limit our face to face exposure, so conducting interviews online is a great way to knock these interviews out.

Preparing your tactical plan now will save you hours on the back-end when you’re ready to build up your staff. Nobody wants to scramble like we did in March, so a little work now will pay off huge dividends in {fingers crossed} the future when we get back to normal. In the meantime, here are all the reasons why talent sourcing in a never-ending job.

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