Nexxt Launches Advanced AI Tools to Evolve Candidate Search, a leading HR technology company for reaching candidates at scale, is thrilled to announce significant updates to its Candidate Search functionality, bringing advanced AI-powered search capabilities and new features designed to enhance user experience and provide deeper industry insights.

Integrated AI-Powered Search with Audience Match Capabilities

Nexxt is proud to introduce its latest AI-powered search feature that allows users to find ideal candidates with unprecedented ease. By simply dragging and dropping a job posting or the resume of an ideal candidate into the search field, users will receive highly relevant matches from the more than 150 million candidates that make up Nexxt’s vast database. Additionally, users can input any text to target specific content, making the search process more versatile and efficient.

Enhanced Search Fields for Precision

The updated Candidate Search now includes new fields that empower users to pinpoint candidates with specific skills, current or past employment at particular companies, and desired job titles. These enhancements are designed to streamline the search process and help users find the perfect candidates more quickly and accurately.

Industry Insights for Strategic Advantage

Nexxt has integrated comprehensive industry insights directly into the Candidate Search platform. Users can now access recommended job titles, see which top companies are sourcing similar candidates, and review salary data to understand competitive pay scales. These AI enhanced features allow users to optimize their search strategies and stay ahead in the competitive labor market.

New Bias Guard™ Feature

Users can now leverage Nexxt’s Bias Guard™ feature to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) best practices when searching for candidates to ensure that information that can potentially support bias is hidden from view. Companies can enable the feature and control when the information is hidden through a simple administrative setting.

“Nexxt is dedicated to providing our clients with the most advanced tools to simplify and optimize their candidate search process,” said Dwaine Maltais, Chief Strategy Officer at Nexxt. “These updates demonstrate our commitment to innovation and our focus to helping our customers achieve their sourcing goals.”

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