Why Job Postings Need to be Updated to Accommodate to the New Normal

Most jobs postings are miles long and include more information than the applicant needs to know at that moment, plus all the extras or fluff could be keeping great applicants from throwing their hats in the ring. So, how can you de-clutter your job posting and accommodate your talent pool? Here are some tips to update your job postings for the new normal.

1. Get to the Point
Many applicants apply to multiple jobs in a day, especially in this climate. You want to make it easy for them to figure out what you’re looking for. A recent college graduate looking for a job in the marketing field will run across many job postings titled “Marketing Assistant.” Consider finding alternative job titles that will make the job more appealing to candidates. “Brand Marketing Assistant for Events” sounds more intriguing than “Marketing Assistant” and provides more insight on what the job entails. Just ensure that the job titles aren’t too obscure, which can have the opposite effect and instead cause confusion.

2. Priorities vs Benefits
Think back to when you were applying for jobs. What were some of the burning questions you had? Even better, what are some of the frequent questions you receive when interviewing applicants? Due to COVID-19, the questions your job postings answers should put potential candidates at ease. Job security, social distancing and safety regulations are important to note and also gives the candidate an idea of what your working situation is like. A brief explanation of the work environment should explain whether or not your team is on a hybrid model of rotating between working from the office and at home, or if you are completely remote. If you have any unique benefits be sure to include them as well.

3. Delete the Fluff
Now that many of us have been working remotely and realizing what processes can be eliminated from the day-to-day to work smarter not harder, it’s time to do the same for job postings. Involve members of the team that this position will be a part of to help craft the postings. Having the input from other team members will help de-clutter postings that contain too much fluff and out of date skill-sets to attract the right talent. To ensure your job description is the best it can be and as streamlined as possible, try posting it through a cloud generator to narrow it down even more. Cloud generators take specific words from your body of text and enlarge it so you can spot what your recurring qualifications are in the job posting.

With these three tips you should be able to gain more traction on your jobs and attract great applicants as we continue on our path into the new normal.

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This article was written by Mariana Toledo.
Mariana Toledo is a recent graduate and obtained their degree in Communications. They also have a passion for anything public relations and social media related.

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