Hire Those Job Seekers That Are Doing Creative Things to Get Noticed

If you’re looking to make a change in the way your company operates, maybe you need to change your hiring process. Seek out the job seekers that are doing creative things to get noticed. Their fresh ideas likely don’t end once they accept your job offer. They’ll bring innovative, out of the box ideas to the job, so go ahead and respond to that girl who sent over a box of candy bars wrapped in her resume, or call the guy who announced that he’s searching for a job on a billboard. Take the risk and soak in the reward.  

As a recruiter we know you spend countless hours sitting in front of a screen with what seems like a thousand tabs up, scouring the internet for the perfect candidate. But sometimes, you need to do something different. And who knows it could pay off big.

With DisruptHR conferences springing up all over the place it’s time you take a chance on that billboard guy. We were recently sent a picture of a billboard that a candidate took out to advertise his desire for a career in HR and despite the fact that we’re not looking for an HR Generalist at the moment, we gave him a call. We wanted to see how we could help.

One would think that after exhausting all job search avenues a last ditch effort would be to do something out of the box, so we were surprised to learn that the billboard was not Daniel’s Hail Mary pass. He’s a recent graduate and has only been searching for a job for two months. He successfully landed interviews through his efforts searching online, however none of them materialized an offer, so he decided to add another tactic into the mix.

Perhaps having that edge of being a proactive creative candidate that put up a billboard will help him stand out as an inventive employee with fresh ideas to bring to the table. And for small business owners with a tight recruiting budget—finding a candidate in an unlikely place could be just the ticket.  

So perhaps we should look up from our screens every once in awhile and take a drive or a walk to see what’s out there. You never know who you might find (besides Pokémon) of course…that’s still a thing, right?

Image Source: Someecards

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