How AI Will Impact Who You Hire

How AI Will Impact Who You Hire
Nowadays, the workplace is changing.  Jobs are changing, some even becoming “obsolete.” A large part of this flux is due to artificial intelligence being the new normal, increasing productivity and altering traditional job roles.

More than ever, hiring managers have to look at what positions can be entirely filled with robots, and which can be assisted with the help of AI to produce more and cost less.  This means that who is being hired is being impacted.  The conundrum of AI vs human labor is one that sounds like the plot of a movie.  The evil machines have taken over and people who have years of manual labor experience find themselves jobless and left to fight the big bad robots and the corporations that tossed them aside.  But it isn’t a movie, it’s truly happening, just not necessarily with everyone losing their jobs in the end.  Being conscientious of the use of AI in your workplace and how to hire to utilize it without losing human labor could be a vital step in keeping business booming and people employed.

While workers can potentially be entirely replaced by AI, workers can also be assisted by AI.  Utilizing tools and technology in the workplace to increase productivity can be a huge asset to both employers and employees.  When hiring, look for potential candidates with a knowledge or skill set of certain technical tools that can help speed up what they produce.  People with those skills can also help others who don’t have those skills adapt to using new technology in the workplace.  This can mean constant growth and timely change, not only for your business, but for your employees who can gain valuable abilities that you can keep building as technology keeps changing.

Rather than viewing a laborer as a salary you could just not have to pay, try to view laborers as people with the potential to learn, adapt, and grow with technology to eventually become more productive and valuable than their robot replacement.

In another vein, hiring people who are trained in different forms of AI, like UX experts and data analysts, can bring your company to another level based on their utilization of different forms of technology.  Look at your business and see what is lacking.  Do you not receive a good amount of web traffic? Maybe you need someone who specializes in SEO.  Are you behind in the digital age? Maybe you need someone to code for you or design a more productive tech-based system to get you off of paper and onto the world wide web.  Understanding what jobs use AI and can bring your business to a higher level could help you a great deal in the long run and keep you actively competing in the marketplace.

With AI growing in the workplace, jobs are changing: some are disappearing, while new ones are cropping up to help with the adaptation to more tech-based business methods.  Looking at your specific business needs and how AI can help you and your employees increase productivity will allow you to continue to roll with the changes and still turn a profit.

This post was written by Carly Naaktgeboren.

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