Have No Fear, Gen Z Is Here!

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Nexxt’s Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Weinlick recently shared his thoughts as a Gen-Xer raising Gen Z-ers. Now that Gen Z-ers are graduating from college, what can we expect as they enter the workforce? Should the world of work change to accommodate these tech-savvy, confident youths? Or should Gen Z conform to the current corporate culture? Nevertheless, established pros need to be prepared to welcome a new generation into the workforce and Joe has a few suggestions.

[Excerpted from LinkedIn]

Have No Fear, Gen Z Is Here!

Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z—where do we go next? Maybe start back at the beginning, with Gen A? This whole generation-naming thing has gotten downright silly.

Quite often trends that we identify as generational are simply lifecycle-based. Generation Y is more likely to quit their job! Yeah, well, just wait until they have a mortgage, kids, and looming college tuition. Suddenly we are talking about an “Oregon Trail” subset of Gen Y, because older Gen Y’ers are behaving differently than younger ones. Sure, we could blame technology. But maybe they are just growing older.

Today, Gen Z is just beginning its assault on our language and the workforce. Last year the first cohort of Gen Z-ers graduated from college. And, we are told, they are more tech-savvy than ever before. And, they are confident as hell. In a recent survey Nexxt conducted of almost 4,000 job seekers, 71% of Gen Z said that their presence will make the workforce better.

Now, I’m pretty sure that any generation in its youth thinks they are the best thing to ever come along. The interesting thing with Gen Z is that their parents aren’t necessarily buying that their kids are the greatest. Only a third of parents of Gen Z-ers agreed their kids would make the workforce better. And, 40% warned that their kids are even lazier than Millennials!

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