Want to Improve Your Applicant Pool? Then Improve Your Job Postings

ID-10077881Recruiting quality candidates all begins with a well written job posting. The purpose of a job posting in general is to attract the best applicants and deter those candidates that simply apply to EVERY job. HR pros that take the time upfront to write an awesome job ad can save a lot of time sifting through unqualified candidates later.

Think of a job posting as a gatekeeper. In order for the gate aka the ad to function properly, it must be clear and concise. When a job posting is vague, you’re simply asking for anyone to walk through that gate. A job shouldn’t leave room for interpretation when it comes to requirements. And requirements should be listed near the top of the posting with a statement that reads “Applicants that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.” This statement will hopefully deter those unqualified applicants.

As for the body of the job ad, that will depend on where it’s being posted. If you’re publishing the ad on your company website, feel free to create a detailed posting. If it’s going in a print publication, you’ll have less space. For these reasons you should create a few versions of the advertisement—a short, medium, and long ad. Start with the long ad and edit from there to create the short and medium sized versions. Each version should include the job title, list of requirements and explain what the company’s mission is. If you have the opportunity, run the description past the person who last held the position to ensure its accuracy.

If you want to target a specific level of worker, be sure to write your ad accordingly. For instance focus on benefits like healthcare coverage, retirement options, and relocation assistance for established professionals. And focus on workplace culture for Millennials—who are interested in things like flexible schedules, collaborative working environments, and ping pong tables.

At the end of your job posting, make sure you give clear instructions on how you want the applicants to apply. This is another way to ensure you only receive resumes from the right kind of candidates. Only read the resumes from those that followed the instructions you gave.

A well written job posting can make all the difference when it comes to generating a better pool of candidates and speeding up the hiring process.

If you have or want to hear about additional ways to improve your applicant pool, we’d love to hear from you.

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