Modern Corporate Cultures Will Win Talent

As important as it is for recruiters to select the best candidate for a job, it is equally important for employees to find a company that is perfect for them. Corporate culture plays a massive role in talent acquisition and talent management.

One of the largest factors corporate culture plays in the recruiting process is attracting talent. The best employees will naturally look for the best companies, and so having a winning culture is a must in order to recruit high-value employees. With websites like Comparably and Glassdoor so readily available, it’s safe to assume that candidates are conducting research of their own before applying for a job. This is where your corporate culture comes into play. For instance, large Silicon Valley tech companies are typically known for their great corporate cultures and campuses. By staying in touch with modern values and practices, these companies attract new candidates and retain existing talent. For companies like this their branding almost writes itself; positive experiences generate positive buzz and attract more employees. Plus, a corporation that is attracting top talent will attract others of the same caliber, the best of the best want to work together.

As a company, to say that your reputation precedes you is an understatement. This is true both in a positive and negative sense. While the previously mentioned examples are obviously positive, I’m sure we can all think of a few companies who have suffered from bad press in recent years. When employees feel as though corporate culture is subpar, or unfair, they make it well known and thus the corporation can struggle to fill new positions or retain current talent. The same way that employees can play a role in creating a positive brand for a company, the reverse is equally as true. Know that it all starts from the top. Leading by example is key.

You do not have to be a Fortune 500 company in order to have a modern more attractive corporate culture. A positive corporate culture can exist in a company of any size, and establishing a quality culture early on can help your company grow exponentially. The best ways to attract top talent and develop a positive corporate culture, include having a modern company mission or goal, providing learning and developmental opportunities for your employees, and most importantly showing employees that there is room to grow within your organization. In the event that you do lose talent, conduct thorough and honest exit surveys to figure out why you are losing employees. This way, you can make adjustments in order to attract and retain talent.

The recruiting process goes both ways: the interviewer looks for the best employee, and the employee looks for the best company. This makes corporate culture invaluable for both attracting and managing talent. Companies and organizations that have a modern, positive culture will win the best talent every time. This is especially true with employees’ work experiences made so public online these days.

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This article was written by Cameron Ballard.
Cameron Ballard is a student at Seton Hall University and Vice President of the English Honors Society. He has always had a passion for reading and writing, especially poetry. Beyond this, you can usually find him fishing or hiking in his home state of New Jersey. 

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