BREAKING NEWS: Beyond, The Career Network, Reinvents Itself as Nexxt

Industry veteran unveils new brand and next generation recruitment marketing solution designed
to help employers hire top talent in a tight labor market

On June 18 at the SHRM 2017 Annual Conference and Exposition in New Orleans, industry veteran Beyond revealed its new brand, platform and vision for the future of talent acquisition. Newly monikered Nexxt is based on nearly 20 years of feedback and innovation in the recruiting space. The company has evolved to become a dynamic recruitment marketing solution, catering to the changing needs of the entire hiring spectrum. For companies and agencies, Nexxt is a full-service recruiting platform, providing a targeted method of sourcing the best people from a broader talent pool. For professionals, Nexxt is an employment solution powering a focused offering of more than 50 niche career sites to make finding the perfect job easier.

“We’ve taken nearly two decades of employment expertise and created the most advanced, targeted recruitment marketing platform available in our industry today,” said Rich Milgram, founder and CEO of Nexxt. “With Nexxt’s innovative suite of products and services, recruiters can take a more proactive approach to hiring. It’s time to recruit like a marketer, and that starts with building diverse campaigns that reach the right people, in the right places, at the right times.”

Nexxt combines predictive technology with multichannel marketing to a diversified, quality talent network, allowing users to build custom campaigns and efficiently fulfill their hiring needs. By automating the talent acquisition process, Nexxt helps companies reduce the time that positions remain unfilled by facilitating the planning and execution of an optimal mix of tactics, including text messaging, email campaigns and advertising, to reach active, passive and select candidates.

According to a recent national consumer survey, only 14% of respondents were actively looking for new jobs. Traditional job advertising focuses on this relatively small audience, but Nexxt helps employers to reach passive candidates as well – the 36% of respondents who aren’t actively looking for new jobs, but are open to new opportunities. The majority of passive (89%) and active (51%) respondents are currently employed, highlighting the unique challenge companies face recruiting talent that does not necessarily need to change jobs.

Unlike traditional job boards, Nexxt offers the following advantages to engage high-quality candidates:

  • Niche Targeting – Nexxt’s professional, local, diversity and global framework enables employers to automatically target selective candidates.
  • Candidate Retargeting – Nexxt’s candidate retargeting product helps employers extend the reach of their brands and career opportunities to engage passive candidates by broadcasting jobs and messages to an expansive network of career and online destinations.
  • Campaign Builder – Nexxt’s campaign builder allows agencies and recruiters to plan and buy their own text and email campaigns, as well as understand how many candidates are available for their position, thus maximizing their budget to meet brand and hiring goals.

Nexxt eliminates the need for companies and agencies to manage multiple vendors and use multiple systems to track progress. The customizable campaigns from Nexxt eliminate duplicate advertisements, reduce brand confusion, decrease negative perception and cut inefficient spending while also offering robust monitoring and reporting tools that allow for real-time campaign optimization.

“We have nearly 60 million candidates in the Nexxt talent network, and our powerful tools analyze every bit of candidate data to identify behavior and effectively engage with a broader talent pool,” continued Milgram. “Our new products and services are changing the game for recruiters and job seekers alike, creating a powerful centralized marketplace for talent.”

For professionals, Nexxt users will be able to quickly search millions of jobs at thousands of companies across more than 50 focused “niche” career sites. The consumer survey found that 46% of active job seekers search for jobs online “every day,” while 58% of passive job seekers search for jobs online “once in a while.” The career sites powered by Nexxt allow users to search the jobs they want where they want them and to focus their searches based on career, metro and diversity. The focused sites allow job seekers and relevant employers to easily connect, reducing the time and stress associated with broad-based searching across the web.

Companies and agencies interested in learning more about Nexxt’s hiring solutions can visit Job seekers looking for their next great opportunity should go to

Nexxt is a recruitment media company that uses today’s most effective marketing tactics to reach the full spectrum of talent – from active to passive, and everything in between. Learn more about hiring with Nexxt.

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