An Employer’s Guide to Hiring New Grads

While their fellow Millennials have been in the workforce for some time, younger Millennials are just graduating college and beginning their careers right now. So, what are they looking for in a job? It’s easy if you just put yourself in their shoes.

Keep in mind how the average Millennial was raised.

Growing up Millennial:

  • When playing sports everyone got a trophy and we still enjoy getting recognition for completing tasks Trophy
  • We grew up with the internet and Social Media and expect everyone to have a presence on both (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, …)
  • Raised during the ‘08 crash, we conserve our money and worry about job securityPoor
 Furthermore, we have been impacted by the society we live in.

The non-compliant generation:

  • Social and political movements make us open to changeLion king
  • Social media makes us feel more connected with the world and want to be a part of groups

Lastly, look at what trends with Millennials.

# TrendingMillennials:

  • We buy experiences instead of physical goods (which requires a flexible schedule)
  • We prefer mentoring and coaching instead of the traditional “boss”
    Bill Lumbergh
  • We want to serve a purpose and see the impact of our work
In all, Millennials are looking for a job with flexibility, interpersonal relationships with their bosses, possibility for advancement, profit and recognition, and most of all sense of purpose.

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