Recruitment Roundup – 2.23.18

Welcome back to another week of Recruitment Roundup! This week we’re all about the employees. These articles discuss what jobs employees run from, benefits they run to, and the biggest reason they leave a company. Hopefully these articles inspire you to take next week by storm! Happy reading, everyone.

5 Reasons Why We Switched to Unlimited Vacation

Source: The SHRM Blog

Less than 1% of companies offer unlimited vacation time. Is there a good reason why or is this a policy worth exploring?

Why Employees Leave Companies in 2018

Source: HR Bartender

It’s no secret that the labor market is tight, making current employees more valuable than ever. Take these survey results into consideration when thinking of ways to keep them happy.

After Salary, Workers Most Likely to Consider PTO, Culture When Weighing Offers

Source: HR Dive

With PTO and company culture being so important to candidates, you need to make sure your company’s policies are as appealing as the pay.

Apparently, The Hardest Thing to Sell Is a Sales Job

Source: Recruiter

This once coveted position has turned into one of the hardest to fill. And, if you do find someone good, they’re not always within budget. Find out how to combat this growing issue.

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