The Benefits of Adding Salary to The Job Description as A Way to Stand Out

Think about the last job you applied to. What caught your eye in the description that enticed you to apply? Great job descriptions include the following: the job title (of course), a summary of the role, along with the responsibilities and duties so that your applicant can gauge their potential day to day. But with so many companies competing for talent, a hot topic that has been up for debate is if you should include the salary in the job description to increase applicants.

Have you ever interviewed a phenomenal candidate only to lose them once it came time to talk salary? It ends up being a major waste of time for all parties involved. You think you’re getting a stellar candidate and they think they’re getting their dream role. Companies are hesitant to list salary ranges in fear of losing potential candidates to competing employers but listing the salary range for a job can actually attract the best fit for your role.

Listing salary shows transparency and can weed out candidates that may desire more money to perform the duties that your role requires. If they see a salary range that fits their requirements then they are more prone to read the job description. When surveyed, Salary is the most important thing to job seekers, even in unprecedented times. And it makes sense that when you apply for a new position one of the draws is the salary. 40% of job seekers who were recently surveyed by Nexxt said their primary reason for moving on to a new position would be for more money. Also, if you decide not to list salary know that candidates will likely try to find it on their own through review sites, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Listing the salary in your job description can widen your applicant pool as it shows your company’s commitment to equality and fairness. Plus, by listing the salary upfront, there’s no going back on the range once it’s in writing.

Talking salary is becoming more normalized. Job postings have remained relatively the same for decades. But we’re encased in a time where candidates are holding the cards and the way we used to do things are falling the wayside. Lessening barriers for applicants is the first step. Education and experience levels are already being eased and the addition of salaries being listed within job postings could do the trick to further increase applicants.

It’s important to note that if you don’t want to list the salary because it isn’t that high or competitive, it shouldn’t stop you from listing it. You may have a stand out benefits package that can still use to attract candidates. A lot of jobs are providing full healthcare coverage, gym membership reimbursements, and even flexible work locations and schedules. This may not correlate to a high range salary but could still attract some quality candidates who prioritize healthcare and work life balance over salary.

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