Making Sense of the Recruiting Ecosystem: An Infographic

CRM, ATS, JADs…the dizzying array of acronyms in the HR products and services ecosystem is overwhelming, and with the addition of new and unique players who are cropping up every day, the delineation between who vendors are and what they do has become blurry and confusing.

The product and technology roadmap from prospect to employee can be generally broken down into 7 major and distinct areas:

  • Attract
  • Source
  • Recruit
  • Assess
  • Hire
  • Retain
  • Reward

It’s a fascinating evolution, and we thought it might be fun to try and map it out, and so we took a stab at the first three pillars of the process: Attract, Source, and Recruit.

When online sourcing was new, there were very few players.  Job Boards were king, reaping the rewards as dollars migrated from print to online.  Recruitment Ad Agencies were feverishly helping companies buy media in this new economy.  For large enterprise companies, legacy ATS systems with expensive price tags and lengthy integration processes helped companies manage and sort the inflow of electronic resumes.

Fast forward to today. Within the entire HR Ecosystem, there are literally thousands of vendors that serve companies along the entire path from prospect to employee, and beyond. CRM has evolved from a tool that was only used by sales organizations to something that is critically important to hiring companies looking to build relationships with candidates. The advent of social media has changed the way companies distribute jobs, brand, and hire. The efficiencies of job aggregation, job distribution, and resume harvesting have made it easier, more efficient, and extremely cost-effective to distribute job content instantly to thousands of sourcing centers. Resume harvesters and ATS systems have improved efficiency by automating resume searches, saving recruiters and sourcers hours of manual labor time.

Because there is overlap in the roles that companies play, we organized companies based on self-identification, or their general reputation in the space. We recognize that RPOs, ATSs & CRMs, and Recruitment Ad Agencies play a role across multiple silos, but we placed them in the area we felt most appropriate.  We also realize that this is just a start; with endless space and the most inclusive approach, we could have added hundreds of other companies. Instead, we chose organizations based on their comScore rating and their overall visibility in the space.

We welcome your feedback and hope you find our Recruiting Ecosystem Infographic to be useful and informative.

So, how do you think we did?

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