SHRM 2016: Recap

So we just got back from the SHRM Annual Conference in Washington, DC and we just want to say, “Thank you!” to everyone that stopped by the Beyond (now Nexxt) booth. We had a great time in our nation’s capital and can’t wait to see everyone next year in New Orleans.

Until then, let’s recap! Here were the highlights of the show for us.

T-Shirts: Like we’ve done years prior we had our spotter program, if you came by our booth, got a t-shirt and wore it on the expo floor you had the chance to win $100. Pretty cool, right? We gave out $100 every hour that the expo was open, so in total we gave out $1,300 and made 13 HR pros pretty happy. I mean who wouldn’t like an extra hundred bucks for just wearing a t-shirt? And picking people to win is just as fun.

We handed out close to 2,000 t-shirts and we loved seeing people wearing them in the convention center and all around Washington, DC. In order to win, you only needed to wear the shirt but others went above and beyond to stand out. We had people offer to do cartwheels down the aisle in front of our booth while wearing our shirts and then we had Rob. Rob borrowed a panda bear costume head from a neighboring booth as a joke to get spotted. And it worked, he definitely got noticed, in fact he drew such a crowd that random people asked to take photos with him.

Here are pictures of our winners:




Text2Hire: Amongst all the of the great conversations we had with recruiters looking for new solutions to hire for hard-to-fill positions, it seems like Beyond’s Text2Hire product piqued a lot of interest. Text2Hire is the convergence of sourcing and recruiting. Employers can deliver text campaigns through the TextRecruit platform which allows recruiters to identify their target audience and send each individual personalized text messages about the potential job opportunity. Connecting with candidates in real time through text has been really effective–text campaigns receive a 30% engagement rate within the first hour after the campaign launches.

Commitment to Quality: At Beyond we also have a commitment to quality. The Beyond Career Network is made up of 50 million high-quality niche candidates. The majority of engagement on the site is driven by candidates clicking on jobs that were sourced just for them. Based on how the job seeker engages with content on Beyond—that’s how jobs are sent to them. So instead of a bunch of unqualified people applying to your job, you only get the best ones and the ones that want to work for you. In fact, we had someone stop by our booth and tell us how much she loves Beyond.

Keynote: And we can’t write a SHRM recap blog without a mention of Mike Rowe. The SHRM 2016 Bloggers were raving and we agree, while at first we didn’t know what to expect, he was a really engaging speaker. All those dirty jobs made for great stories.

Overall, we had a great time at the SHRM Annual Conference. For those of you who didn’t get t-shirts we’ll be making adjustments for next year…we’ll be sure to bring more than 2,000 to New Orleans. Until then, thanks for stopping by and happy hiring! Oh! And tell us what you liked best about SHRM in DC in the comments below.

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