Your Applicant Pool Is Depressing Because So Is Your Job Description

Think about the typical job description. Chances are it calls to mind phrases like “The ideal candidate will…” and “Responsibilities include…”

Not very inspiring stuff.

When did we all decide that the primary function of a job description is to either bore or terrify potential applicants?

Rather than enticing great candidates to apply, it’s almost as if the job description is designed to deter as many people as possible in an attempt to weed out less desperate determined candidates. But if you truly want to attract top talent, you need to put out your best dish, not dry, uninspired fare that defiantly says, “Here, eat this to prove that you’re hungry.”

This free infographic can help you bring better candidates to the table with a job description done right.

A well-written job description has the potential to create excitement about the role you’re trying to fill, and inspire hard-working, talented candidates to apply. The thing is, great candidates have options – now more than at any time in the past several years. A great candidate wants to work for a smart company that values her contributions and her career. He wants to do challenging work that taps into his skills and creates value for his organization.

Sure, you will still get some quality candidates to respond to a standard-issue job description using recycled language from a similar position that was posted three years ago. Job seekers have been putting up with a sub-par experience long enough to know that a bad job description might not be indicative of a bad job.

But what a bad job description can’t do is help you win over that on-the-fence candidate, the one who’s casually looking for something new. They may be just the person you’re looking for – and you’ll never meet them.

Writing better job descriptions is also a great way to stand out as a company and overcome lack of brand recognition. So many employers – including plenty of Fortune 500 companies – are putting out snooze-worthy job descriptions that smaller or lesser-known brands have the chance to set themselves apart without adding a single cent to their recruitment budget. You’re already paying to promote your job ads – yes, job descriptions are ads – so why not make them great ads?

Perhaps this sounds like a tall order when you’re already time-strapped, overwhelmed and on a deadline to hire someone, like, yesterday. Let’s start with this – if you have 2 minutes, there’s a new infographic that gives you 7 quick steps to writing better job descriptions. Check it out.

Job Description Infographic Screenshot

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