The Changing Face of Job Advertisement Distribution

Nexxt values relationships, and our strategic partnerships are no exception to this rule.  This blog is the first in a series of recruiting-focused articles that highlights the diversity of our industry partners, how they impact the industry as a whole, and explores the unique value proposition that these companies bring to the online sourcing & recruiting marketplace. 

Back in the 90’s, as the recruitment landscape was rapidly shifting from print to online, recruiters where suddenly faced with some serious online challenges.  Back then, purchasing ads in the local newspaper and hoping you’d hit the right candidates was the typical kneejerk reaction when you had an open job.

As the job board landscape became more crowded, and niche sites started provided employers with the ability to target candidates in ways that were never before possible,  recruiters started diversifying their online ad buying strategies to take advantage of the multitude of choices and to target by locality, niche, industry, skillset, and other criteria.  The process of researching, buying, managing, optimizing, and tracking job postings could be cumbersome, however, and threatened to divert recruiters from their core focus fulfilling the organization’s hiring demands.

There was a need for a better way.

Founded in 2001 by Andrew Banever, JobTarget, which is the leading provider of career site software for associations and organizations, responded to the call.  OneClick, introduced in 2007, is an innovative offering that allows recruiters to research and purchase jobs across tens of thousands of job boards and career sites.   JobTarget makes it as simple as online shopping for shoes.  Run a search for your desired specialty area, and you’re instantly presented with the appropriate job boards and career sites; move them into your shopping cart, post your job once, and Bam!  Instant job distribution.  The whole process can take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Today, JobTarget is a strong player in the job advertisement distribution (JAD) marketplace, and processes job postings for companies across a very diverse industry background.  JobTarget distributes jobs for leading Fortune 500 companies and is very strong in supporting Healthcare, Higher Education, Finance and Technology.  As the HR products landscape continues to become more complex, they’ve responded by building sophisticated APIs that allow for seamless integration into JobVite, Oracle’sTaleo, ICIMS, PeopleAdmin, JobScience, HRSmart, JobMatch, HireTouch, and other flagship ATS & sourcing brands.  Don’t feel like manually posting?  No problem – JobTarget wraps your jobs directly from your corporate web site. Want JobTarget to manage your job posting inventory that you’ve purchased on job boards?  Piece of cake.

Metrics are the key indicator of ROI for recruiters when purchasing job postings.  JobTarget recognizes this, and has some robust offerings that can simplify what is a very cumbersome process.  JobTarget’s desktop allows recruiters to track applicant activity on jobs that were posted through OneClick–including views, applies, and hires–on a per-job and per-source basis.  This type of transparent data analytics is extremely useful for comparing and contrasting online recruiting sources.

Looking forward, JobTarget is still innovating.  Among other things, they’re working on solutions now that will help companies to manage job performance\ cost-per-click campaigns through OneClick  “We’re seeing a steady increase in demand for CPC-based job advertising buys”, says Bill Fanning, Vice President of Employer Sales.  “We’re working hard to ensure we can add value to our clients so they focus on what they do best:  hire the right people for the right job.”

“JobTarget has been a strategic partner of [now Nexxt] since 2003, and we’re excited to grow with them”, says Tim Heston, manager of the Strategic Alliances for [Nexxt].   “Our relationship with OneClick is important to us.  Through this partnership, JobTarget and [Nexxt] can do what we both do best:  work together to help connect employers with great candidates.”

To learn more about Nexxt’s strategic partners, visit our Strategic Alliance page.

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