5 Ways to Discourage Your Staff from Calling in Sick After the Super Bowl

5 Ways to Discourage Your Staff from Calling in Sick After the Super Bowl
Monday mornings are hard enough, but factor in a night of indulging, watching football (and commercials) and you have a recipe for disaster.

With Super Bowl Sunday on the horizon, employers around the country should be bracing themselves for a bombardment of calls from employees calling in sick Monday morning because according to a survey conducted by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated and conducted by The Harris Poll 17.2 million employees plan to do just that.

What’s great about the Super Bowl is that people host parties specifically for this game—even if their team isn’t playing and even if they don’t care about football—it’s amazing! But as a result many overindulge and neglect their responsibilities the next day, i.e. work.

So as an employer how can you handle the day after the big game? There have been several suggestions:

  1. Make it a flex day. Allow employees to flex their time and come into the office later in the day and stay later in the evening to make up the time.
  2. Provide breakfast. The promise of a free breakfast would definitley get me out of bed and in the office and I don’t think I’m alone. Extra bonus? You don’t have to do much to “cater” a breakfast and its typically inexpensive.
  3. Allow employees to come in late. By allowing staff to come into work later in the day, you’ll still get some work out of them—how the employees physically feel is another story.
  4. Throw a post Super Bowl party in the office. Encourage staff to bring in any leftovers from the parties they hosted or attended for a potluck lunch. Allow staff to enjoy lunch together in the office to chat about the game.  By encouraging employees to take a leisurely lunch together at the office, you might encourage more workers to come into work as the day will seem less official.
  5. Let employees work from home. Permitting employees to work from home is a nice compromise. This way employees who might not feel so great can work from the comfort of their own home.

We hope that everyone has a great time watching the game—even if your team isn’t playing—mine isn’t, but I’m going to watch anyway because, guacamole.

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