Lack of Confidence Is Killing Your Time to Hire

LackConfidenceHiring_blogIf you found a stellar candidate the same day your job was posted, would you hire them?

Probably not, according to our recent survey of HR pros. When asked what they would do if they interviewed a candidate and got a great feeling about them, only 23% said they would jump at the opportunity to hire them. The rest would continue to go through the hiring process to ensure that they are in fact the best candidate.

It’s an understandable decision, especially given that the costs of making a bad hire can be high, in terms of both time and dollars.

But at what point do you put decisiveness ahead of procedure and trust your ability to recognize the right candidate when you see them?

A whopping 92% of HR pros who participated in our survey said they would be happier if positions were vacant for less time, yet 58% said that a longer hiring process results in better hires.

It seems like what’s missing here is confidence. There’s a lack of confidence that quality candidates can be found in a very short time, and perhaps even a lack of confidence on recruiters’ part to say, “This is the one. I don’t need to look any further.”

It’s the same impulse that drives brides-to-be to haul out every dress in Kleinfeld’s when they loved the first one they tried on. (Any other Say Yes to the Dress fans out there?)

So, what would it take to create enough confidence to overcome that need to leave no stone unturned?

Could you ever get to a point where you’d be comfortable hiring the first person you interviewed – or even making the virtually unheard-of zero-day hire? Will going through the motions always be a part of the process, for better or worse? Tell us what you think!

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