Nexxt (formerly Beyond) Awarded Patent for Social Recruiting Technology

Software provides an easy way for companies to create their own talent community and build a lasting relationship with professionals

Nexxt, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,543,515 recognizing the invention of a technology that allows for social recruiting, the process of sourcing or recruiting job candidates through the use of social platforms.

As the economy continues to recover and more employment options present themselves, recruiters and HR professionals are seeking methods of retaining promising candidates in hopes of staying connected with them over the long term. The patented social recruiting technology from Nexxt provides an intuitive solution by enabling companies to build their own database of qualified people seeking employment opportunities, thereby creating a unique talent community that allows for increased engagement and the option of future hiring.

“This technology allows for a holistic account of all candidate interactions, thereby streamlining the recruitment process and the enhancement of corporate brands,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of Nexxt. “While the practice of social recruiting is still fairly nascent in the industry, we see value in taking a leadership position to help companies navigate the social media landscape to connect with the right talent, and allow professionals to follow companies of interest—it’s mutually beneficial for both parties.”

In addition to providing the ability to become part of a company’s talent community, the Nexxt patented social recruiting technology also allows people to refer others to open job positions and share their respective networks. By engaging people in social settings and encouraging an active, ongoing dialogue, a company can magnify the online footprint of their brand and disseminate their message to an even larger audience.

Nexxt manages over 500 talent communities already, comprised of more than 38 million members, and the network has evolved to become the voice of the job seeker, actively helping people grow in their career and succeed professionally. This new patented technology is the next logical evolution of the employment industry, and by better harnessing the power of social media a company can recruit more effectively, form lasting connections and save valuable time.
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