Recruitment Roundup – The Staffing Edition

Welcome back to another week of Recruitment Roundup. This week we take a look at everything staffing: from people who network in an Uber, to higher minimum wages, and understaffed nursing homes. These pieces offer insight into what employees are thinking and what motivates them to stay. Hopefully these articles inspire you to take next week by storm! Happy reading, everyone.

Is Ride Share the New LinkedIn?

Source: The New York Times

With the emphasis on networking always so heavy, people are starting to get creative with it. Many professionals, including a career coach, have turned to ride share services to meet new people and prospective clients. But, it’s all a balancing act.

Mid-Year Minimum Wage Hike Strike Again

Source: Employment Policies Institute  

Though employees may be excited by the recent wage hikes, studies show that these raises might not actually benefit workers in the long run.

‘It’s Almost Like a Ghost Town.’ Most Nursing Homes Overstated Staffing for Years

Source: The New York Times

Over the years, nursing homes had fewer nurses and caretakers than what was reported to the government – and families noticed. With daily fluctuations in workers, especially on weekends, are these homes staffed well enough to care for their residents?

If You Want Me to Stay, Show Me the Money

Source: Fistful of Talent

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported a 17-year high for people leaving their jobs for a new position. While money may seem like the obvious motivator, that isn’t always the case. So the real question becomes, what can you do to retain employees?

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