Top 3 Outdated Recruitment Habits to Break Immediately

The recruitment landscape isn’t the same as when we were first starting out in the workforce, some 20, 10 or even five years ago. And while we have some handy new tools at our disposal to reach cream of the crop applicants, some seriously outdated means of recruitment haven’t died with the other trends we never want to see again… (frosted tips, anyone?).

So, without further ado, here are the top three outdated recruitment habits we need recruiters to break once and for all.

Post and Pray

Gone are the days of posting a job listing online (or *gasp* in the newspaper) and watching the applicants roll in. Although job boards still play a crucial role in talent acquisition, post and pray methods of recruitment simply don’t work anymore. Today’s candidates are overwhelmingly passive, meaning they aren’t actively looking for a job, but they would interview for the right position if it came around. These candidates aren’t seeing your job listings sprayed all over job boards. And the ones who do see them might not feel too compelled to apply. Instead, recruiters should proactively reach these candidates through tools like text message and email, ad retargeting and even social media. You’ll reach more qualified candidates and continue to build a strong employer brand.

Looking for “The One”

Every recruiter is looking for their “unicorn” – that special dream candidate that checks every box and then some. Well, we hate to break it to you, but waiting around for “the one” is a tremendous waste of time and energy. Very rarely does a candidate meet all of the requirements in a job listing, but the right person can grow into the perfect employee. Instead, recruit for soft skills, like communication, teamwork and the ability to learn quickly. That person can learn on the job after they’re hired and acquire the hard skills they might lack at the onset. Recruiters can identify if an applicant has these soft skills by conducting group interviews to assess how they work in a team or having them work through hypothetical scenarios with clients or colleagues.

Treating all Interview Processes the Same

We know that no two candidates are alike, so you can’t treat their interview processes that way. But some recruiters still do – they resort to asking the same cookie cutter questions in every interview, posting identical job descriptions on job boards, and sending form letter-like communications to prospects, regardless of their unique background or experience. The process shouldn’t be so rigid. Instead, recruiters should take the time to look into a candidate’s background and online presence through professional and other social media platforms and curate their interview questions and communications accordingly. That way, the candidate will have a more positive impression of you and your company, and you can learn much more about the candidate along the way.

Just like bell bottom jeans, there are recruitment trends that come and go – and ones that should stay gone forever. It’s critical for recruiters to ditch old habits that aren’t working anymore in favor of more proactive, flexible ways of acquiring talent. Only then will companies find the true success and growth that they crave – and we’ll all be better off because of it.

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