5 Tips to Refresh Your Recruiting Mindset This Fall

What really brings a return in recruiting? What actually leads to better hires, more employment opportunities met and the development of well-functioning teams? Revitalization. Here are some new tips and ideas to keep the passion of your job going strong.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and do a quick fall cleanup to really re-energize your efforts and bring some sparkle back into your recruiting mindset. Here’s how you do that:

1. Check in on your job descriptions.

At the root of all your recruitment efforts lies one small element with a large impact. The job description holds together many of the internal pieces and also serves as one of the first impressions job seekers have of your company and the position.

Your team should be able to grasp the basics of the job, even if they have no connection to the department. To ensure that happens, bring in the hiring manager right away. They will not only understand the tasks and skills of the opening, but will have insight on the department culture and actual daily needs.

Take that information and create a job description that highlights traits of the person who will see success in the role. Look past the concrete skills and years of experience to see the person who would actually do well within the current team. Take one job description at a time, or make a task to rewrite just one piece of all the JDs you’re working with. For example, test all your job description titles one month and the next month, tackle the “About the Company” section.

2. Embrace passive candidates.

The largest group of candidates, making up 75% of the workforce, are passive. Though they are harder to locate and interest, they are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. They have relevant and timely examples of success that you might be able to see without even checking out a resume. Their passiveness means they probably aren’t considering any other employers, but could be convinced to join a team that suits a need that isn’t being met by their current company.

Finding these passive candidates is the challenge, but you have resources. Look in on social networking. Who’s making waves locally or is using their digital voice to say something important to your industry? Consider employee referrals as well. Current employees will always be more convincing and there will already be an established connection. Examine how you’re bringing in employee referrals now and how successful they are. If you have a source of hire that’s working but has never been examined, now’s a great time to do it!

3. Look in new places.

We always think of social networks, career fairs and the likes, but what about professional events? When you work closely to something, it’s difficult to see a new approach, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. Think creatively about where you will meet specific individuals you hope to hire. For instance, look for events or conferences geared to those who work in STEM if you’re hoping to bulk up an IT department. Go a little further by observing the qualities of people you encounter in everyday life. As a recruiter, you’re always meeting people and that means you’re always working to some extent. It won’t work for all industries or companies and requires tact, but keep your eyes peeled for connections you can make in everyday situations. Explore niche job boards and make a goal to include 1-2 new professional networks to your repertoire every month or so.

4. Don’t be transactional, be consultative.

There’s a lot of pressure to find talent and plug them into a role, quickly. Often that results in a linear relationship with applicants, something that can harm the chance of placement and staying power of the hire. Instead of looking at the candidate as a resume, pick up the phone and discuss career goals and interests. It takes time, but the information revealed opens up the door to better results and creates a relationship of trust that won’t be forgotten, even if a hire isn’t made. If you haven’t created a CRM for your candidates, try to build one. There are lots of free options out there and it’s still the best way to stay in touch with your candidates, for your open jobs today and in the future.

5. Be creative in your approach.

This tip is a little ambiguous, but that’s because there’s an approach to your specific audience that only you will know. You will always need a solid job description, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be text-based. Can video be incorporated into the pitch email to potential candidates? Your ideal candidate could be using online communities where you can make a connection without being spammy. Cryptic puzzles or mathematical equations only knowledgeable tech talent will understand can even make for a viral recruitment strategy. Try using a creative approach with a straightforward job and see how it compares to other recruiting efforts. If you see an improvement in candidate quality or applicant response, take it to the next level and ask for more leeway.

Another way to get creative in your approach is to text candidates. Reach your audience where they are most likely to be… on their phones! Texting provides immediate one-on-one communication, and unlike email, candidates are sure to at least see your text.

With the help of Nexxt’s Text2Hire, you can personalize each text message to increase response rates, view reporting to measure the success of your text campaigns and engage in real-time for instant results.


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