How Winning an Oscar is Like Being Told You Just Got a Raise and a Promotion

This past year at Nexxt we’ve been talking a lot the Nexxt Moment—that moment where you land your dream job or get that raise and you celebrate that win.


It’s a great feeling to know you’re doing something right and your efforts are being recognized, but most times at work when you’re told by your boss that you’re going to be promoted you can’t shout it from the rooftops. So instead you shake his hand, calmly exit his office and walk to the elevator. The doors open, you step inside and when the doors close an enormous smile crosses your face and you pump your fist in the air, but when those doors open again you act as if you’ve been standing patiently the entire ride.

Now that’s for us regular Joes, but what if you’re the Meryl Steeps or Denzel Washingtons of the world?

You have your Nexxt moment on television in front of 40 million+ people and you get to show everyone how your REALLY feel about the advancement in your career—because when you’re name is called it’s pretty much equivalent to it being announced that you just received a promotion and pay raise! You’re no longer just Natalie Portman, you’re now forever known as Academy Award Winner, Natalie Portman—pretty cool, huh? Now you can demand more money, get the good trailer, and make silly demands like you’ll only drink water that runs from a mountain stream in Zurich—I don’t know—but you get the picture.  You’ve won an Oscar!!! It confirms you’re one of the best.

So how have some stars celebrated these moments?  Here are some of our favorite acceptance speeches over the years.

Sally Field


Roberto Benigni


Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Ben Affleck & Matt Damon

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